This session is to give care staff an overview of how to competently care for clients with percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) and other enteral nutritional support (e.g. Nasogastric, Jejunostomy)

The following will be discussed to the students with relevant skills demonstrated accordingly where students will be given the opportunity to practice:

  • An introduction to enteral tube feeding
  • Knowledge of some of the common indications for PEG feeding and assessment findings for referrals
  • Types of supplements available
  • Types of tubes (ie. nasogastric tube, PEG tube)
  • Common problems encountered with enteral tube feeding
  • Guidelines in giving medications (as per organisational protocol where staff must have the relevant qualification in assisting clients with medication)
  • Describe the various delivery systems for PEG feeding (bolus, pump and gravity)
  • Using a Kangaroo pump machine
  • Using a Flocare infinity machine
  • Important knowledge of PEG feed administration, including reporting and documentation requirements
  • Knowledge of some of the common complications of PEG feeding
  • Storage of formula and aftercare

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: contact us for detail on

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